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Drug Interactions Analysis and Management (Loose Leaf)


  • Significance ratings provide relative ratings of the interactions
  • Quick identification of potential severity of interactions and intervention needed to minimize the risk of the interaction. Informs reader of drug combinations for which the available evidence suggests no interaction
  • Indexed by generic drug names to include selected product nameswith cross-references to the generic equivalents
  • Easy-to-find information
  • Information is compiled from up-to-date primary biomedical literature as well as case study information
  • Stay current with information from all available sources; fully referenced
  • Risk Factors identifies patient or drug specific factors that have been identified as contributing to the magnitude or severity of the interaction
  • Helps readers assess the likelihood of an interaction occurrence
  • Related Drugs lists similar agents that would also be expected to interact
  • Helps prescribers eliminate drugs that are unsafe alternatives
  • Management options describes options for patient management based on the actions that are necessary to avoid patient harm
  • Provides guidelines for circumventing or minimizing interactions and monitoring patients. Recommends possible alternatives to the interacting drugs when appropriate